Self-Assembly of Acridine Orange into H-Aggregates at the Air/Water Interface: Tuning of Orientation of Headgroup

Authors: Eugenio Jiménez-Millán, Juan J. Giner-Casares, E. Muñoz, María T. Martín-Romero, and Luis Camacho
Publication year: 2011
Journal / Book title: Langmuir

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rm1 self-assembly langmuir


Effect of self-assembly via π-stacking to morphology and crystallinity on tritylated cellulose

Authors: Mari Granström, Johanna Majoinen, 1, Jari Kavakka, Mikko Heikkilä, Marianna Kemell and Ilkka Kilpeläinen
Publication year: 2010
Journal / Book title: Materials Letters

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rm1 self-assembly cellulose