High-Throughput Virtual Screening Using Quantum Mechanical Probes: Discovery of Selective Kinase Inhibitors

Authors: Zhou Ting and Amedeo Caflisch
Publication year: 2010
Journal / Book title: CHEMMEDCHEM

Excerpt from the article:

rm1 docking kinase inhibitors

On the mechanisms of bananin activity against severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus

Authors: Zai Wang, Jian-Dong Huang, Kin-Ling Wong, Pei-Gang Wang, Hao-Jie Zhang, Julian A. Tanner, Ottavia Spiga, Andrea Bernini, Bo-Jian Zheng and Neri Niccolai
Publication year: 2011
Journal / Book title: FEBS JOURNAL

Excerpt from the article:

rm1 sars cov docking

[27] is a reference to the RM1 article